All Jackpots Casino Review & Bonuses

All Jackpots Casino Review & Bonuses

Bonuses and Promos: Free 200-credit Welcome Bonus, $75,000 Jackpot Factory Lotto promotion, $1,000 Prize Weekend Free Slots Tournament, ClearPlay Bonus System.

All Jackpots Casino offers huge bonuses to players and it has in its repertoir more than 300 games. With its Vegas style design and matching promotions, All Jackpots Casino fairly deserves its place among the best online gambling places.

The $75,000 Jackpot Factory Lotto promotion is one of the greatest bonuses a gambler can dream of, and playing in an extravagant environment makes you want to become a Jackpot Club member to get the vegas casino treatment online.

Most gamblers are attracted to enter All Jackpots Casino due to the amazing variety of games available. Offering over 300 casino games to keep guest entertained and impressive bonuses, All Jackpots Casino is the best choice when it comes to having a great time online and maximizing winnings.

Live Slots Tournaments are great opportunities for slots fans to experience the thrill of playing online, and entering the Jackpot Club gives you the luxurious vegas treatment one can get in a casino.

Special Features

  • 24/7 Support
  • Over 300 Games
  • Live Slots Tournaments
  • Download and No Download version
  • Free or Real Money Play
  • VIP Lounge
  • Jackpot Club
  • Currencies accepted: US $, CAD $, €, £
  • Languages: EN, DE, ES, FR, IT

The thrill of Las Vegas is at home when it comes to All Jackpots Casino, which is definitely the place you were looking for to experience luxury. With over 250 casino games to choose from, it is a fun and fair online casino, and what makes the most of it: it is safe.

Here you can play the latest casino games in a glamorous and rich environment, and have the greatest experiences. As for your questions, the customer support team is available anytime to inform you as quick as possible. This is the best online casino for your gambling desires.

The industry of online casino has grown unnoticeably fast and a player needs to select very carefully the most convenient one to gamble at, also has to take into consideration every single detail related to it and check the popularity of it as well.

So, it requires lots of attention, patience and precaution to choose an Online Casino which is worth to play at and is trustworthy in the same time. Now you can stay calm as you are in the right place at the right time! You can come up with a relaxing atmosphere, pleasant surroundings and excitement by accessing Alljackpots!

So you can stop searching for the most appropriate Online Casino as now you have found it; and you are guaranteed that great entertainment is one of the main priorities, not to mention the fact that here you can come up with a wide range of games among which you can surely find the one that is due to your taste.

Now, as we have partially introduced you some features of Alljackpots, we would like to describe the opportunities you are given and offers available here as much as we can. First of all, when talking about games, we enlighten you that there are more than 300 games offered just to make sure that while playing at this Online Casino you benefit of the most appropriate gaming atmosphere and everything is above your expectations.

Besides these, new games are added monthly so that you can have some more fun! Alljackpots supplies you with several promotions which are only at your advantage and gives you the chance to gain extra cash. Starting even from the moment you enter this casino, you will be given a sing up Bonus worth of 100% which means more than 200 free credits for playing.

Of course, in order to claim this Bonus of yours, you are required to register for a real account which only includes singing up by completing a particular form that takes few minutes. In addition, you will have your own account at All Jackpots Online Casino and you are free to start gambling and win big!

After you have created your account, you need to place a deposit and due to that amount of money you benefit of 100% sign up Bonus which is worth of up to 200 casino credits.

Before you start playing you need to choose, that means that you must decide whether you want to play at the Flash version of the Casino or the downloadable version. When making these minor steps, you can freely select the game you want to play at.

We provide you with a list of the games which are available to play at alljackpots Online Casino as follows: more than 10 types of Blackjack games; Roulette (including American Roulette, European Roulette and Progressive Roulette Royale); Keno, Craps, Scratch Card, Casino War, 3 Card Poker, more than 30 kinds of Poker games also including Video Poker and lots of Slot Machines.

Above all these, many progressive games and you also have the opportunity to take part in different Slot tournaments as well. While playing at Alljackpots you can easily win extra cash and specific promotions are supplies for you so make the best of it. In order to take advantage of these or to benefit of such all you need to do is to keep playing as much as you can.

For instance, every week the Online Casino is giving away 15,000 Bonus credits – you can be the winner of these credits by earning points while you’re gambling. For each 1,000 credits you are wagering with, you gain 1 point.

You are getting more credits as points are increasing. So, the more you play, the more credits the Casino is giving you. From time to time, there are organized Midweek $5,000 multi-player Slot Tournaments, where you can take part in, you only need to check in certain periods of time when these take place.

Online Casino and this way you have the great chance to be informed about new promotions, offers and everything related to updates. It’s vital to mention the fact that there are also Live Slots Tournaments which are scheduled or Sit-And-Go and alljackpots offers you the opportunity to experience the excitement of these and enjoying your time. A particular downloading is required just for this option. The Jackpot Club is also included in this casino, where you get 1 Player point for every 10-credit you are gambling with. When you gain 1,000 Player points you will be given free 10 credits cash back.

Players are allowed to redeem their collected points for real money any time they want to. If you are confused about a particular game’s rules, or you just want to gain some more experience, there is no use for you to worry about this, as far as All Jackpots Online Casino has been thinking about this as well. You are supplied with a specific guiding regarding every single game’s rules, strategy and a brief history of these is also attached.

Now, you do not have anything else to do but to start playing and taking advantage of these facilities. Before you begin gambling there are some important tips you should stick to and keep in mind whenever you are about to wager. Never forget that you do not have to focus on the fact to win much money and it’s not a way for you of getting rich; it is entertaining and a great way of having fun while winning. Keep in mind that nothing is guaranteed for you, it all depends on luck and some skills in gaming. So, try your luck at All Jackpots and spend a wonderful time.

You can be 100% sure that your personal information is secured here and no one can find out your card details or about anything else unless you tell someone. If you have any kind of questions, feel free to contact by e-mail or phone the support team which is available only for you all the time by and is pleased to make your misunderstandings or problems clear.

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