How to Reduce House Edge in Roulette

If there is anything I can tell to you about how you can increase your winning odds, it would be reducing the house edge. House edge is a simple trick bookmakers use to increase their profit. So, if their profit means less winning chance for you, we only need to reduce them. It’s one of the best strategies I learn from W88.

Reducing the House Edge

In this article, I’ll show you the tips. First, we’ll go with the Martingale system, followed by bias dealers, and bias roulette tables.

Say no to Martingale system

Despite some people think, the Martingale system no longer works. People make this mistake everywhere, even at W88 where people are supposed not to believe this anymore.

In theory, the system may work, but only under 2 conditions. The first rule is you should Play Roulette with no maximum bet. Next, you should have a limitless bankroll. Nothing from both will ever happen. That’s the truth you should know and not the lies.

The table maximum, as you expect, eliminates the chance for the Martingale system. I soon realized this fact while playing at W88. This is the one that came to my mind. You can never bet enough if you have already lost many, especially in a row. That’s how simple it is.

Keep your eye on the dealer

This one is completely human’s lack of skills. Some Roulette dealers, especially the new ones, cannot spin the ball properly. Yes, they do it correctly, but not properly. I know how insane it sounds, but that’s the fact out there. You will be surprised when I tell you that some of them do ‘like’ to drop the ball on some certain parts of the table. This is your chance. If you can find a dealer like this, like the one I found at W88, you can surely boost your winning odds.

Bias roulette wheels

There is no perfect system. No matter where you go, there will be always a flaw in every system. No matter how perfect the system is built as the owners say, there will always be a flaw. I don’t like to say it, but even my favorite W88 has a flaw in its system. That tells the same about Roulette. You may find some roulette machines as unbalanced. This leads to higher chance of the ball to land on some points at higher frequency than other spots. If you can find these places, you should congratulate yourself and prepare for the reward.

However, I must remind you one important thing. Most people tend to be overexcited about these places after they found it out. If I were you, I would like to keep this discovery myself. That way I can keep my victory alone m88. I will leave how to make them done to you. It’s your own strategy and better not to tell people that you’ve found the sport and your strategies to secure it.

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