The Worst and Best Blackjack Games

There are so many places to go today where you can play blackjack games. One of them is W88, one of the world’s most famous and lucrative betting platform. With various offers you can get from the bookmaker, it seems like it will take a lifetime to find out the best and worst blackjack games.

Let’s Not Waste the Time

I’ve been playing blackjack for quite a long time now. While that gives me a lot of experience, there is something more important I have in my mind. I want to help you doing one of the biggest mistakes a blackjack player can make. Many players stuck in their loss just because they got at the wrong place. I can tell you directly which place to go, such as W88, but it won’t help much since you don’t know the reasons. So, here I am, giving you the reasons and lessons I learned from my years of experience.

Best blackjack games

Just like I said, time has taught me everything I need to know about blackjack and how to beat this game. If you ask me my personal opinion about the best blackjack games, I will immediately refer to Classic Blackjack. Yes, it is a universal blackjack game you can find nearly anywhere, including W88. Here is the thing you don’t know. The liberal rules of Classic Blackjack as well as the payout allow you to have the lowest, if not the rarest house edge games.

Another game you should consider is the Blackjack Switch. It’s quite a funny game, though. This game allows you to swap your cards between your hands. For me, that makes the game very playable and appealing at the same time.

Worst blackjack games

Some people love to telling you which blackjack games you should choose. Well, I did that, but that’s not enough. You know the best now, but in order to complete your knowledge, you should also know which games you should avoid. W88 teaches me about this thing, which I really appreciate for.

The first game you should avoid is any single hand game that wants to give you even payout when you have a Blackjack hand. This will only drastically increase the house edge and send you to your loss.

You should also stay away from 8-deck game. Unless the bookmaker wants to give you easy money, you should never join this game. Don’t get fooled by them. Play the game only if you trust the bookmaker, just like I did with W88.

There is one more thing. Blackjack is Blackjack. It is always a game and just like any other game, you should always seek for a betting platform that offers you the greatest benefit. Personally, I recommend you Totobet. You may have not heard much about it, but once you joined their game, you should be fascinated on how they offer you a great game without cheating you. Yes, they have weaknesses, but all their benefits are still more than capable to overcome those weaknesses.

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